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« : 18 Июля 2022, 04:43:55 »
How to sharpen a pocket knife - by stone

A pocket knife is an essential tool, so you need to keep your high quality folding knives sharp all the time. We want to provide you some tips for sharpening a pocket knife quickly.

Even if your knife has a stainless steel blade, it could get dull easily. Firstly, you need to test its dullness. A sharp knife work better than a dull one; it also keeps you safe from injury. First, you need to check how dull your knife is, you can do it by slicing it through a ripe tomato.

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There are different ways to sharpen your knife. You can purchase a knife sharpener with a price ranging from 10$ to 300$. But we are trying to keep it simple by using a sharpening stone with a few lubricants so that you don’t need to spend too much money for sharpening your knife, but still get the best results. You already have with you the best folding knife for money, so, why don’t you try to find the best sharpening method for the money you spend too?

You can pick up a stone from any hardware store. A stone usually comes with two sides, including the pre-selected grit and rough grit. You also can buy two stones differently. I start my process with the rough sand and then the finer git for honing the blade sharpness.

If you don’t have stone, you can use brick or ceramic.

Besides, the lubricant you use is also an important consideration for sharpening a pocket knife. You can shave some particles off when you run the pocket knife through the stone. The oil helps to keep the clean surface as well. Heat can be created from friction when you are sharpening the knife by stone; lubricant can reduce the heat — most experts advise using the mineral oil for lubricating.

Full details on how to sharpen your knife:

1. First step

In this first step, we need to prep the rough side of the stone. You can rub your finger on both surfaces of the stone to determine which is rough side. After that, you can prep the stone with a lubricant coat it but don’t drench it. Then you have to run the blade at least 20 times over the stone.

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2. Second step

The most important is maintaining the angle between the stone and knife continuously. Shoot for around 10 to 15 degrees. Then lay the knife blade flat on your stone. Don’t forget keeping knife edge on the stone, then raise the knife back to the required angle. If you cannot maintain a constant angle, you can get the guide attached to the knife to find the correct angle.

3. Third step

Make strokes throughout the length of the stone at the set angle. You need to twist the knife when you get near the sharp edge, or you need to sharpen the tip of the blade in the short, single strokes.

Usually, I have to run one side of the blade five to six times over the stone. If it is correct, you can hear the clean stroke sound. After that, flip the blade over to make the same strokes on the other side. Remember to repeat it five to six times on that side as well.

4. Fourth step

After sharpening both sides of the blade, the alternating stroke would bevel your knife. You can refine the sharpness by using the fine grain stone and repeat the same process. Don’t forget to lubricate the stone. After finishing the alternating strokes, you can clean the lubricant and particles off from the blade.

There are some other alternative methods for sharpening the pocket or folding knives other than with stone, such as using a honing rod or serrated edges, but the stone is the simplest and easiest method. We hope that now you can sharpen your knife well with our guide. You can also check some more reviews of Best Quality Pocket Knives for added experience.
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